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Hello, my name is Mark Farrant and welcome to Radio VGR, I have been a DJ for nearly 41years - started out doing discos for my neighbourhood on a New years Eve for about 6 years until I was old enough to get any payments for doing the discos in my spare time. In 1988 I started to help out behind the scenes at Saxon Radio, then I got called in to do a few shows if someone had not turned up. In 1996 I started to work as a late night DJ at Rollerbury, which was based in Bury St Edmunds, and worked there until 1998. On April 28th 2012 Radio FML was born then 2 years later we changed the name to Radio VGR and I became the Station Manger, a position I still hold to this day, and I love every minute of it.


I have worked with some of the best DJ's anyone could wish for :- Tinx, Angela,Skellie, Samm, Rueben,Ben, DJ Everest not to mention our great syndicate dj's Geoff Hobbs, Steve Hart & Alan Rowett, Spencer, Jay & Mike plus other great syndicate DJ's and between us, we have made Radio VGR a great family to work with. We go from strength to strength, carrying on at what we do best - giving a great service to the best listeners on the planet.



Mark Farrant


25th August 2015

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